Capable of changing my life? Is it possible? These are the questions that I always ask my self every single day, few months ago as I was sick of given that life. Not sure on whom to blame, at times I think I couldn’t change it. This is  what god has given me  ( gifted me perhaps ). He knows the best. My mum always tell me that, god gives me all those difficulties because he knows that I am capable of handling them.She advices me , “why not take it as a challenge and see how far could you tackle them”. Till now I remember those uttering from that slim and small dark lips of hers whenever I feel a little melancholy. With the spirits and inspirations that she gave, I started taking those difficulties and challenges to see whether I am capable of overcoming it or not. I realised one thing later, never crack under pressure. Its like the ads in TAG Heuer always says. However, it is kinda difficult to change your believes  and perceptions on your current life, but later on your good vibes will ease everything.

Life is an inevitable series of hiccups , so try and face it boldly, else the repercussions will weigh you down – Nidhi Prakhash

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