knowing yourself


Someday you will have these kind of mixed feelings, where you feel so little about yourself as compared to others. Truthfully speaking, everyone will feel such way and did  !! However, we need to consider how severe it is. Few months back, I just  constantly felt that I am not good enough for anyone, and this definitely made me self-disgust. I reckon it is caused by my low – self-esteem and not living up to my own expectations. I knew what I wanted in life : the education, the perfect physical appearance, the skills I should posses.  In spite of that, there were few matters that hindered me to reach my goals. One day, I realised I was tired with the life that I was living on. Then, I decided that I should do some  self-healing. This is one vital thing that you should know by now : trust me, nobody knows yourself better than you do. So, you should be the one pulling up your socks and working on it. Let me share with you what I did after that. In those few weeks I listed down my strength , weakness and how could I possibly overcome my weakness. Nobody is perfect!! But, it is in our hand to mould ourselves to get the perfect life that we always wanted. Currently, I am working on few things that I planned so that I could make changes, little by little. I really wish that, everyone could find their  own way to end the plights they are up to.

dreams don’t work unless you do- John C. Maxwell

Daily Prompt: Someday

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